Ağu 2019
Course Enrollment Requests

Course Enrollment Requests Please follow the guidelines in the faculty portal.

Course Enrollment Requests Page

Kontenjan Artımı

1. For each course you request to be enrolled to, fill the web based form published in the Portal of the faculty (It will be available on 15th of September, 16.00). You must login using your İTÜ ID and password. 

2. After saving the request form print and sign it.
• Deliver the print out to the Student Affairs of Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering before 18 September, 12.00.

a) You must fill the online form for your course request to be handled on time.
b) You also must deliver a signed printout for official reasons.
c) Any request without online form application or without signed printout will not be considered.

15 September, 16.00: Beginning of the applications

18 September, 12.00: End of the applications

19 September 09.00: Accepted requests will be published

19 - 20 September: Students will organize their programs