Oca 2020
BLG 440E Computer Projects-II

Bilgisayar Mühendisliği Lisans Programı ders planında yer alan BLG 440E Computer Projects-II dersi kapsamında bu dönem Vodafone tarafından "Digital and Agile Transformation" ve Amazon tarafından "Developing on Cloud" dersleri verilecektir

1. BLG 440E (CRN: 25013); "Digital and Agile Transformation" by Vodafone
The use of Agile frameworks and approaches are becoming the primary approach for technology projects. Agile working drives faster delivery, higher customer interaction, and cross functional collaboration. Everyday new companies are becoming part of the journey in order to adapt these characters, not only in IT departments but across the organization including Marketing and HR.
The purpose of this course is to provide a broad understanding of popular agile methods, how agile relates to culture, how organizational change succeeds, and how to support an organization undertaking a transformation from traditional development to agile development.
In this course you will  also learn related concepts such as Design Thinking, Devops and UX/UI. Also you will work on case study projects from Telco Sector, where you will experience agile with your group and make development using agile methodologies.

2. BLG 440E (CRN: 25014); "Developing on Cloud" by Amazon 

Developing on Cloud  is designed to help students gain technical expertise in development using cloud technologies The curriculum is delivered through instructor-led classes, knowledge assessments, and hands-on labs.
The aims of the course are:
-  Learn the benefits of trading on cloud technology.
-  Recognize more efficient, manageable, secure, continuous programming
-  Solve cloud services and how they can integrate with our software.