Ara 2018
Seminer Duyurusu: "Recommendations for Mobile App Stakeholders" by Asst. Prof. Mei Nagappan

"Recommendations for Mobile App Stakeholders"
Konuşmacı : Asst. Prof. Mei Nagappan
Tarih : 13 Aralık 2018 (Perşembe)
Saat : 13:30 - 15:00
Yer : EEB İdris Yamantürk Konferans Salonu (1302)

There has been tremendous growth in the use of mobile  devices over the last few years. This growth has fueled the development of millions of software applications for these mobile devices often called as 'apps'. Current estimates indicate that  there are hundreds of thousands of mobile app development teams,  and hundreds of millions of mobile app users, with billions of  dollars at stake. Therefore, studying mobile apps has the potential for tremendous impact. In addition to the impact, mobile apps have three key differences  to the other kinds of software that have traditionally been  examined in SE research - (a) They are almost exclusively  distributed through an app store, which allows for any developer to  easily release their apps; (b) The users are able to give direct  feedback to the developers through the review mechanism; and (c)  Mobile apps are often free to download and are monetized through advertisements.

Short Biography:
meiMei Nagappan is currently an Assistant Professor in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. Previously he was an Assistant Professor at the Software Engineeering department of Rochester Institute of Technology. Before that he was a Post Doctoral Fellow with Dr.Ahmed Hassan at Software Analysis and Intelligence Lab (SAIL) in the School of Computing at Queens University. He completed his PhD student under Dr. Mladen Vouk in the Computer Science Department of North Carolina State University. His research interests are in 'Big Data' Empirical Software Engineering by mining Ultra Large repositories of software to identify patterns and relationships in large ecosystems.