Eyl 2019
Seminer Duyurusu: "Immersive Technologies for Gaming (AR and VR)" by Michael Barngrover

"Immersive Technologies for Gaming (AR and VR)"
Konuşmacı : Michael Barngrover
Tarih : 23 Eylul 2019 (Pazartesi)
Saat : 13:00  - 14:00
Yer : Bilgisayar ve Bilişim Fakültesi, Öğrenci Laboratuvarı, 4305

Biyografi: Michael Barngrover graduated from Boğaziçi University with a master’s degree in management and has spent the past several years as a leading independent developer and consultant of augmented and virtual reality projects in Turkey. Collectively known as immersive technologies, AR and VR have been heavily hyped subjects within the broad field of emerging technologies. In 2017, he founded a software development studio, Raptor Dance Games, to create immersive, interactive experiences for consumers and corporate clients. Michael is a resident developer and mentor at the VR First Laboratory located at Bahçeşehir University, and is also a mentor and trainer supporting the KARMA lab at Koç University.

Prior to working with immersive technologies, Michael held business development roles in law and consulting industries in Turkey and administrative positions in humanitarian NGOs. In addition to his degree in management, Michael holds degrees in computer game design, and psychology from Full Sail University and the University of Central Florida, respectively. He is married and lives with his wife (an İTÜ graduate) in Istanbul.