Eki 2019
Seminer Duyurusu: "Introduction to the Archetypal and Symbolic Thinking in Design Process" by Özgür Önal

"Introduction to the Archetypal and Symbolic Thinking in Design Process"
Konuşmacı : Özgür Önal
Tarih : 21 Ekim 2019 (Pazartesi)
Saat : 13:30
Yer : Bilgisayar ve Bilişim Fakültesi, 4305

Özgür Önal was born in 1978 in İzmir. He has an interdisciplinary professional vision merging technology with human values and facilitation. He holds a Master of Design degree in Industrial Product Design from Izmir Institute of Technology with the thesis research in the field of “Human Centered Design” and BSc. degree in Computer Science from Dokuz Eylul University. He has more than 10 years of consulting and work experience across different industries including internet businesses, NGO, social startups, computer software & technology and stock creative Images. Also, he has lectured in Visual Communication Design Department in İzmir University of Economics. Currently, He gives mentorship and training to the entrepreneurs in Istanbul incubation centers and startup ecosystem. With interdisciplinary perspective; He is passionate about researching current technological trends. He has strong background in User Research ( Contextual Interviews, Co-creation, Diary Studies, Card Sorting ) and Concept Development (Idea generation techniques, Storyboards, Persona, Scenario building, Journey mapping) His website "" is up-to-date for his works and CV.