Şub 2020
Seminer Duyurusu "Recurrent Neural Networks for Time series Forecasting and Image Analysis" by Dr. İlkay Öksüz

"Recurrent Neural Networks for Time series Forecasting and Image Analysis"
Konuşmacı :
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi İlkay Öksüz
Tarih : 2 Mart 2020 (Pazartesi)
Saat : 15:30
Yer : Bilgisayar ve Bilişim Fakültesi,
İdris Yamantürk Konferans Salonu 1303

Uygulamaları gerçeklemek isteyen dinleyiciler kişisel bilgisayarlarını getirebilirler. 

Machine learning models are able to solve very complicated classification and regression problems with great success. Recently, deep learning models have become the state-of-the-art in speech recognition, handwriting recognition and image classification. In particular, Recurrent Neural Networks are capable of faithfully preserving the key time-dependent patterns for natural language processing type problems. This motivated us to propose a thorough analysis of multiple features for the electricity prices estimation and low quality cardiac MR image detection using Recurrent Neural Networks. In this talk, I will start with a gentle introduction to machine learning and cover two applications of recurrent neural network based methods on electricity price forecasting and medical image analysis with a certain focus on the generalization capabilities of the methods on other applications. The talk will finish with a hands on python (keras) tutorial about electricity load forecasting on google colab. Interested audience is encouraged bring a laptop with available internet connection. 

Dr. Ilkay Oksuz  is currently an Assistant Prof. in Computer Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University.  He has been working as a Research Associate in King's College London Biomedical Engineering department since August 2017. His current research interests are in machine learning and deep learning, with a focus on medical image quality assessment and electricity price forecasting. He studied for a PhD at the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca on Computer, Decision, and Systems Science under the supervision of Prof Sotirios Tsaftaris. His PhD thesis focused on joint registration and segmentation of the myocardium region in MR sequences. He joined the Diagnostic Radiology Group at Yale University in 2015 as a Postgraduate Fellow, where he worked under the mentorship of Prof Xenios Papademetris. He also worked at the University of Edinburgh Institute for Digital Communications department in 2017. 


Tutorial :  

Tutorial Google Colab link ready to run online: