Graduate Students Course Registration Second Meeting

by Arda İnceoğlu | Sep 20, 2023

Computer Engineering Master's and Doctoral students who have registered this semester and have not yet been assigned an advisor can join the second zoom meeting of program coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. İlkay Öksüz on Thursday, 21.09.2023 between 11:00-12:00 . They can also ask their questions about the program.






Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 946 4749 9570 



Passcode: 433234



Scientific Preparation students can also join the session for their questions.

For other inquiries please use the itu help website instead of direct emailing.



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İTÜ Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering

Computer engineering education in Istanbul Technical University started in 1980 as a program under the Department of Control and Computer Engineering Department. In order to keep up with the contemporary developments, Computer Engineering was reshaped as a separate department under the same faculty. All related programs and departments were transferred to the new Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering in 2010.

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