The project titled “Scalable and Trustful Crowdsourcing of Air Pollution Sensing” for monitoring air pollution through artificial intelligence within the concept of smart cities of the future, which is co-conducted by Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Computer and Informatics Engineering Faculty member Prof. Dr. Berk Canberk, was granted joint support along with York University by the UK Royal Society.

As part of the project, new generation sensors dedicated to measuring air pollution will be placed on top of the cars. Air pollution ratio and level will be calculated from the data received from sensors by using artificial intelligence.



It will be implemented especially in industry-intense and traffic-intense regions

Prof. Dr. Canberk, who is also head of ITU Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Application and Research Center, gave the following information about the project: 

“At ITU, we have initiated research on how to measure air quality rapidly and efficiently, how to make forecasts by artificial intelligence. As ITU, we will properly receive the data coming from devices and transfer these data to a center then we will estimate air pollution. We plan to implement the project in Istanbul, especially in industry-intense and traffic-intense regions. All data related to air quality will be collected from simple microcontroller-based sensors placed on top of moving devices. After the collection of data, a kind of prediction mechanism by selecting valuable data and eliminating inaccurate data will be set up. It is planned to activate the project within a year in Turkey. With our project, we will be able to determine the air quality through artificial intelligence.”

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