Research in Gaming using AI based Computational Modeling | Seminar

by Fahrettin Ay | Nov 28, 2021
Prof. Dr. Steve DiPaola will give a seminar via Zoom on November 29, 2021
Prof. Dr. Steve DiPaola will give a seminar titled "Research in Gaming using AI based Computational Modeling" via Zoom on November 29, 2021 as part of the scope of the Game and Interaction Technologies Master Program seminars.  Anyone interested is invited. 

Research in Gaming using AI based Computational Modeling
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Steve DiPaola, Simon Fraser University
Date: November 29, 2021, at 21:00 (Istanbul)
Meeting ID: 923 2519 2733
Passcode: 263273

Seminar Topic:
Steve DiPaola will demonstrate the work of his research lab (iVizLab) which takes on areas of research considered on the edge for computer software - such as how humans are creative, how humans expressive themselves:  through  facial expression, voice, body gesture, design and the arts; using computational AI and knowledge modeling. Many of the systems are used in health, industry and entertainment such as his AI facial system for the EA game "The Sims". Recently his work on modeling how human creativity works and can be modeled in a computer algorithm was showcased in the journal Nature.
Short Bio: 
Steve DiPaola, active as an artist and a computer scientist is past director of the Cognitive Science Program at SFU, and leads the iVizLab, a research lab that strives to make computational systems bend more to the human experience by incorporating biological, cognitive and behavior knowledge models. He has held leadership positions at leading edge companies including Electronic Arts, and Saatchi Innovation. His digital artwork is shown internationally including the MOMA, MIT Museum, The Smithsonian and Whitney Museum of Art.


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