The course titled COMP21-Digital Solutions for Smart Cities was given by ITU between 15 -19 November 2021, within the scope of ATHENS programme. The lecturers of the course; Prof. Dr. Sema F. Oktuğ (Department of Computer Engineering), Prof Dr. Fatih Terzi (Department of Urban and Regional Planning), and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Yaslan (Department of Computer Engineering).

18 students from European universities took the course. Urbanization trends and challenges, smart city concept, telecommunication technologies for smart cities, and data analysis techniques are introduced throughout the course. Students, as the course project, worked in groups in order to design a smart city system/application for an African country considering the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

ATHENS Programme
The ATHENS network consists of 15 leading Technical Universities in Europe. Within the scope of the program, intensive specialization courses are offered by member universities in two designated terms of each academic year (March and November), which students can attend for 7 days.  This experience, in many cases, gives students the desire to carry out studies of a longer duration (MSc and PhD levels) at an institution different from their home institution and thus facilitates exchanges between students of the major European technological institutions. Please click here to reach the web page of the program.