David J. Hunter's book titled "Essential of Discrete Mathematics" was translated into Turkish by our faculty member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolga Ovatman and published by Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık.

We congratulate our faculty member for this work he brought to Turkish.

About the book:

ayrik_matematik_ceviri_tolga_ovatman__mart2022This book has been prepared for use in a one-semester discrete mathematics course that may be of interest to students from many different disciplines, primarily for computer science and mathematics-centered disciplines. The content is presented under five different intellectual frameworks: logical, relational, recursive, quantitative and analytical thinking. With this type of organization, a presentation in which a mathematically versatile content is constructed in an orderly manner is presented. The graph concept was introduced early in the book, and the examples in the book were often associated with graphs to provide a richer application content. Towards the end of the book, the concept of algorithm was presented, allowing students to examine in-depth the known algorithms with the skills and experience they gained throughout the book. In the last section, case studies in different fields such as biology, sociology, linguistics, economics and music are focused on the multidisciplinary study approach.

New features unique to this edition:
• Sample problems consist of questions that provide introduction and motivation for the content of the chapter at the beginning of each chapter.
• New content for graph theory is presented.
• Algorithm-related content is offered for computer science students and students from other disciplines who are interested in the subject and do not have programming experience.
• Mathematical logic and proof methods are presented more carefully.
• Instructor version contains a solution handbook, presentations in PowerPoint format and additional problems.
• The expanded and improved WebAssign online assignment and grading system is now available to teachers and students.